On a glance:

During the last years I have worked with both big and small teams on web application projects and infrastructure. As I come from administration, it was natural for me to do the backend work, although I’m familiar with frontend technologies, too. I would say I am an advanced programmer and a skilled administrator.

In coding, I am aiming for stable, clear and forward-looking results. I have seen a lot of things working and failing over the years and adapted this knowledge in my daily business. Programming is a craft, and I think it is more important how the work is done than the language used to implement it. I’m eager to learn new technologies and thoughts, and I’m proud of my fast learning skills

I am familiar with the transformation of monolithic apps into service-oriented architectures, therefore with the task of refactoring old code and structures into a stable high-2ce service. Most of my work in recent years was done with Ruby, but I’m also used to many other languages. As I know this language and its toolchains quite well, I am willing to get more hands-on experience in other languages. As DevOp I have worked with a broad range of technologies and am familiar with all important concepts from operating system architecture to the network stack.

Currently I work as a Backend Developer at Dawanda GmbH. I’m also an open and supportive person. I am experienced with group processes, and supporting diversity and cooperation is important to me.

Here’s a list of buzzwords for the impatient readers:

I’m experienced with: (advanced level)

  • Software Design Principles
    • Test Driven Development,
    • Behaviour Driven Development
    • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Web Technologies
    • Web Service API design based on JSON or XML
    • Web Application perfomance bottlenecks and techniques to engage them
    • Web application development in
      • Ruby on Rails (6 years+ experience, I’ve seen to much to go in detail here)
      • Sinatra
      • JavaScript (e.g. jQuery, Node.js, CoffeScript)
      • PHP (7 years+ experience on the classical LAMP stack)
      • Sproutcore
    • Inter-service communication techniques
      • Resque
      • http-APIs
      • shared databases
  • Relational Databases (all 5years+ experience)
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Sqlite
  • Key-Value Storage Services
    • Redis
    • CouchDB
    • MongoDB
  • Search-Engines
    • Solr
    • Elasticsearch
  • Caching Services
    • Varnish
    • HA-Proxy
    • Pound
  • Virtualization Technologies
    • OpenVZ
    • Docker/LXC
    • FreeBSD Jail
  • LDAP administration including replication and ACLs
  • VLAN administration
  • Operating Systems (all of it at least 8 years+ experience)
    • Unix/Linux (10 years+ experience)
    • Puppet
    • Database, Mail and Network Administration (10 years+ experience)
    • monitoring solutions (e.g Nagios, monit)
    • Webserver administration and configuration (e.g. nginx, apache, lighttpd)

I’m familiar with: (intermediate to advanced)

  • Chef and Salt
  • Webapplication, Network and Systems Security
  • sophisticated HTML & CSS

And I’m common with:

  • Structured & Object-oriented Programming Languages
    • C/C++
    • Scala
    • Java
    • Objective C
  • Functional Programming Languages
    • Haskell
  • Scripting Languages
    • Flex
    • Perl
    • Python
    • Lua